Our Farming Materials

Contact us also for your supplies high quality fish farm materials at reasonable prices to enable you as a fish farmer to go about your day to day farm duties effectively.

Fish Pond Aerator

Sustain your fishes and reduce algae and weeds with our pond aerators.

Artemia Shell Free

Nutritionally improve survival & growth with our shell free substitute.


Fibre Glass

Line a fish pond with Fibre glass materials from start to finish.


High Quality Nylon Monofilament Fishing Pond Net HDPE Knotless.


Life Jacket

Keeping you alive and safe is our prime concern. Get a vest from us



No matter your choice in secondary filtration media, we can handle it.


Promote and facilitate reproduction of many species of fish with Ovaprim

Oxygen Meter

Get good oxygen levels for the habitat of our fishes. Get our oxygen meter.