Feeding is critical in Catfish Hatchery. Results of survival and growth depend directly on the quality of feed: Vitamin and quality protein. The Super Starter provides highly available nutrients to larval and ensures the highest digestibility for fry and fingerlings.

The Raanan Super Starter is formulated to boost results in hatcheries. In the first stage after hatching from eggs, the fry are able to convert high level of protein and can respond to high quality starters. The quality of those starters is directly inspired from the marine starter that requires the highest quality of protein and vitamin.

Extruded Catfish Feed, very rich diet, contains 45% protein. High performances in high intensive farming. Grower feed for commercial Catfish farm in RAS.

Extruded Catfish Feed, rich diet, contains 42% protein. High performances in intensive farming.Grower feed for commercial Catfish farm in ponds or in recirculating aquaculture systems.